Lindy with cows

The Mother: Lindy

Lindy joined Dancing Acres as our first guard dog. She came as a small puppy and we spent lots of time training her to guard the farm. She has bonded well to our cattle but is often found by the chickens, particularly at dusk and in the morning. We have not lost a chicken to a predator since she came of age to guard. She came from a working goat farm.

Tango, pictured with chickens

The Father: Tango

Tango (pictured in the foreground) also came from a line of working Akbash. He is goofy and loves attention from his humans, but viciously guards the pasture. Since he joined Dancing Acres, four coyotes have been killed in the pasture and numerous other small predators. He is often found by the chicken coop.

The puppies

Our current litter was born on May 11, 2024, out in the pasture near the chickens and the pigs. They will be available as of July 6th to go to working farms with adult mentor dogs. Farms seeking their first livestock guardian dog should wait until August 3rd. 

There are 3 males available at this time.

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